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Amazingly, certain elements will even extrapolate to social issues. Afghanistan is led by the Taliban, a group of extreme Islamic fundamentalists, who emerged out of the Mujahideen. Calling for Pakistan to cut off food aid to Afghanistan, for example, as the United States has already done, would likely lead to starvation on a huge scale. The danger here is that the U.S. government may answer these questions based on political criteria rather than evidence. But the main focus will be military policy. In other words, military action needs to be the smallest part of the international response. A 911 Dispatcher must react appropriately under pressure. Whatever the planners' motives, they still needed to attract capable, organized, and skilled people, not only to participate, but to give their lives to a suicidal agenda. Why commit a grotesquely provocative act against a power so large and so armed as the United States? Essential 911 Operators/Dispatchers Questions Response to Domestic Violence Calls Same priority as other violent crimes High priority when an assault in progress Information to Relay to Responding Officers Nature of the calls, emergency or “in progress” Complete address, including directions * What's the location of your emergency? What should I tell the dispatcher when I call? In coming weeks, we will see a celebration in America of military power, of a massive arms build-up, and perhaps assassinations, all touted as if the terror victims will be honored rather than defiled by our preparing to entomb still more innocent people around the world. If you need assistance from an agency other than the Sterling Police, your call will be transferred to the proper agency. What we should not do, however, is curtail basic freedoms and militarize daily life. Only Rep. Barbara Lee had the courage to vote "no" on Congress's joint resolution, authorizing the president "to use all necessary and appropriate force against those nations, organizations, or persons he determines planned, authorized, committed, or aided the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001, or harbored such organizations or persons, in order to prevent any future acts of international terrorism against the United States by such nations, organizations or persons.". Advertisement. Many indications point to the involvement of Osama bin Laden, but if his role is confirmed, this is the beginning, not the end, of the inquiry: Were any other organizations involved and, if so, which ones? 17 hijackers. Answer all questions as accurately as possible. Emergency Medical Service (EMS) professionals to your location. Our immediate task is to communicate accurate information, to counter misconceptions and illogic, to empathize and be on the wavelength of the public, to talk and listen, to offer information, analysis, and humane aims. Etc… 3) How did you find out about the attacks? For example, even though the events of September 11 should have shown that "national missile defense" is no defense at all against the most likely threats we face, already the Democrats are beginning to drop their opposition to that destabilizing boondoggle. The Telecommunicators must ask questions for 3 main reasons: 1. We would obviously reject as grotesque the claim that the World Trade Center was a legitimate target because its destruction makes it harder for the U.S. government to function (and hence to carry out its military policies). During the Gulf War, the U.S. obtained such approval by exercising its wealth and power to gain votes. What is the suspect/victim/patient description? It minimizes the grievances against the U.S. because it excludes long-standing policies, such as U.S. backing for authoritarian regimes (arming Saudi Arabia, training the secret police in Iran under the Shah, providing arms and aid to Turkey as it attacked Kurdish villages, etc.). The dangers of harm to civilians are much greater in the case of a war against a state. Below we address some of the many questions that are being asked. Punishment should be determined by the UN as well, and likewise the means of implementation. Again, these grievances may have nothing to do with the motives of those who masterminded the terror strikes of September 11. The United States provided huge amounts of arms, including Stingers- one-person anti-aircraft missiles-despite warnings that these could end up in the hands of terrorists. * What's your phone number? Fox News has played over and over the same clip of some Palestinians in the occupied territories celebrating. So their response to these recent events is to intone that we must have a long war, a difficult struggle, against an implacable, immense, and even ubiquitous enemy. We don't want Washington announcing that we should just take its word for it-as occurred in 1998, when the U.S. bombed a pharmaceutical plant in Sudan, asserting that it was a chemical warfare facility, only to acknowledge some time later that it had been mistaken. Its implications could be far worse than those of bombing or other seemingly more aggressive choices. It has bolstered authoritarian regimes (such as Saudi Arabia) that have provided U.S. companies with mammoth oil profits and has helped overthrow regimes (such as Iran in the early 1950s) that challenged those profits. There have been reports of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza cheering the attacks, and similar reports regarding Palestinians in the United States. The United States has been the most important international backer of Israeli oppression of Palestinians. No. Beyond pursuing the implementation of international law through appropriate international channels and beyond trying to rectify unjust conditions that breed hopelessness and despair that can become the nurturing ground of terror, it is also necessary to reduce vulnerability and risk. If we don't want to ever see a commercial airliner turned into a missile and used to destroy people and property, we can disconnect the pilots' cabin and the body of the plane, making entry to the former from the latter impossible. 9/11 was a horror and there is an Islamic threat which must be taken very seriously. Ensure the correct help is sent. On one side, the goal is enhancing the privilege, power, and wealth of U.S. elites. Most governments, however, don't take seriously their obligations under international law. Significant memorials have been created and completed since the 9/11 attacks in the USA. How did the 9/11 terrorists’ Internet use go undetected? September 11 And Its Aftermath what your exact situation is. The media have been especially remiss in not reporting such things as the statement issued by the Palestinian village of Beit Sahour movingly denouncing the terror, or the candlelight vigil in Arab East Jerusalem in memory of the victims. To give the United States a free hand to run a military operation as it chooses removes a crucial check. The fear of a Soviet menace, duly exaggerated, served that purpose admirably for decades. How did the nation react few days? The identity of the 19 individuals who hijacked the four planes is known, but what is not yet known is who provided the coordination, the planning, the funding, and the logistical support, both in the United States and elsewhere. It would be callous if the people talking about U.S. crimes weren't also horrified at the terror in New York and if the U.S. wasn't talking about mounting a war against whole countries, removing governments from power, engaging in massive assaults, and evidencing no concern to discriminate terrorists from civilian bystanders. One explanation points to a long list of grievances felt by people in the Middle East-U.S. backing for Israeli repression and dispossession of the Palestinians, U.S. imposition of sanctions on Iraq, leading to the deaths of huge numbers of innocents, and U.S. support for autocratic, undemocratic, and highly inegalitarian regimes. With an additional 31 professionally written interview answer examples. It is the same rationale as that offered for the ongoing economic sanctions against Iraq: starve the people to pressure the leader. The current thinking on this topic, promulgated by Bush and spreading rapidly beyond, is that anyone who plans, carries out, or abets terrorism, including knowingly harboring terrorists, is culpable for terrorist actions and their results-where terrorism is understood as the attacking of innocent civilians in order to coerce policy makers. It was the belief behind the terror bombings of World War II by the Nazis, the U.S. and Britain, and behind the pulverizing of North Vietnam and the strikes on civilian infrastructure during the Kosovo war. Should I dial 911 if I have a non-emergency situation? Questions. Answer. In February 1998, bin Laden issued a statement, endorsed by several extreme Islamic groups, declaring it the duty of all Muslims to kill U.S. citizens-civilian or military-and their allies everywhere. Practice 32 Dispatcher Interview Questions with professional interview answer examples with advice on how to answer each question. While slightly old now, it still provides some important additional thoughts and political analysis on the current situation, some of which are still relevant, and others are indications of concerns even early on, just after the atrocity. By talking about U.S. crimes abroad, aren't we excusing terrorist acts? Answer the following questions about 9/11: a) Who was President on 9/11? 9/11 - Conspiracy or Coincidence? The United States is the leading status-quo power in the world. In this case, one would have a totally inaccurate view of the United States if one thought that the events of September 11 would cause U.S. officials to suddenly see the injustice of their policies toward the Palestinians, etc. This belief is by no means unique to Middle Easterners-and has in fact been the standard belief of U.S. and other government officials for years. Imagine he had gone before the Afghan population a week or two earlier and told them of the U.S. government's responsibility for so much tragedy and mayhem around the world, particularly to Arab populations as in Iraq and Palestine. The truth is that anti-Americanism rests on feelings that the U.S. obstructs freedom and democracy as well as material well being for others. When Moscow finally withdrew its troops from Afghanistan, some of these Islamic militants turned their sights on their other enemies, including Egypt (where they hoped to establish an Islamic state), Saudi Arabia, and the United States. crises over the phone will answer your call to 9-1-1. Needless to say, this scenario is insane on every count one can assess. Find out what you do or don't know. Stay Calm. The answer to this question demonstrates how organized the dispatcher is and how they are able to accurately remember what they did and how they did it. But they certainly help create an environment conducive to recruitment. For example, our own home grown fundamentalists-like Jerry Falwell-have actually declared (though retracted after wide criticism) that abortion, homosexuality, feminism, and the ACLU are at fault. What information 911 dispatchers need from callers. The reason it is relevant to bring up U.S. crimes is not to justify terrorism, but to understand the terrain that breeds terrorism and terrorists. We not only feel for those innocents who have already died, and their families, but also for those who might be killed shortly, for those we may be able to help save. Some may find it inappropriate to offer political analysis this early, but however discordant some may find it, the time for political analysis should be before actions are taken that may make the situation far worse. A: Yes, because you have a lot more security that you have to go through. Rectus Abdominus Muscle is divided in bellies by tendinous intersections. Washington thus allied itself with bin Laden and more than 25,000 other Islamic militants from around the world who came to Afghanistan to join the holy war against the Russians. While slightly old now, it still provides some important additional thoughts and political analysis on the current situation, some of which are still relevant, and others are indications of concerns even early on, just after the atrocity. Again they will have an enemy, terrorists, whom they can blame for anything and everything, trying as well to smear all dissidents as traveling a path leading inexorably toward the horrors of terrorism. When Iran and Iraq fought a bloody war, the United States surreptitiously aided both sides. Certainly, history has shown that to U.S. policy makers international law is for everyone else to follow, and for Washington to manipulate when possible or to otherwise ignore. Their answer should explain how they track each call, what information they put into the log and when they complete the log after the call. If an emergency situation arises, ask yourself one important question: Is there an immediate need for police, fire, or paramedics to protect or save a life or property? Answer all questions as accurately as possible. Be prepared to briefly explain. The U.S. State Department has a list of states that support terrorism, but it is-as one would expect-an extremely political document. Residential Curbside Trash & Recycle Calendar, Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency, Montachusett Regional Planning Commission, Central Massachusetts Regional Planning Commission. Were any national governments involved and, if so, which ones? 2751 ... We send trivia questions and personality tests every week to your inbox. 47 Questions and Answers on the War in Afghanistan, War on Terror Mainstream Media and Propaganda, Questions and Answers on September 11 And Its Aftermath. Osama bin Laden is an exiled Saudi, who inherited a fortune estimated at $300 million, though it's not clear how much remains of it. Why? How many total hijackers took part in the 9/11 attacks? Do exactly as instructed during the course of the call. So we must consider what we want the United States government to do internationally right now. Change depends on organized resistance that raises awareness and commitment. For non-emergency situations such as noisy neighbors or past incidents, use the non-emergency telephone number 978.422.7331. In fact, given that Israel seems to be using the September 11 attacks as an excuse and a cover for increasing assaults on Palestinians, we need to press all the more vigorously for a just solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict. What Type Of Experience Do You Have In This Particular Dispatch Field? Other than New York and Virginia, which other state did a plane crash in? These are real grievances and U.S. policy really does cause tremendous suffering. Attempt to stay calm when you are talking to a 911 dispatcher. On the other side, the constraint is keeping at bay less powerful and wealthy constituencies who might have different agendas, both at home and abroad. The leader of the 9/11 attacks, Mohamed Atta, went online from Hamburg, Germany, to research U.S. flight schools. In our world, the only alternative to vigilantism is that guilt should be determined by an amassing of evidence that is then assessed in accordance with international law by the United Nations Security Council or other appropriate international agencies. What should we do to protect ourselves from these sorts of attacks? The Afghan rebels were bankrolled by Saudi Arabia and the United States and trained by Pakistani intelligence, with help from the CIA. In the case of the Gulf War, although the Council authorized the war, the war was run out of Washington, not the UN. The Pentagon Memorial which is a landscaped park with 184 benches facing the Pentagon was opened to the public on September 11, 2008. Post-9/11 GI Bill Eligibility for Active Duty Veterans Veterans who have served at least 90 days of active duty service after September 10, 2001 and received an honorable discharge will qualify for the Post-9/11 … Since the end of the Cold War, the U.S. has had a problem-how to get the public to ratify policies that don't benefit the public, but that serve corporate and elite political interests.